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 Azmodyr - destro warlock

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PostSubject: Azmodyr - destro warlock   Sun Jul 06, 2008 2:26 am

hi there, i've been looking for a decent raiding guild for a while now, i saw your recruitment thread on the realm forums so i decided to give it a shot

In Character

Character Name: Azmodyr

Character Sex: male

Character Age: mid 50s

Character Race: Gnome

What part of the world did you grow up in: Gnomeregan

Do you have any family: none

Who are you loyal to: myself, and anyone worthy of earning my trust

What are your religious views: i avoid the illusion of religion

How do you feel about the Horde: a pest and a danger to the alliance, but we have bigger and more exotic fish to fry

What do you hope to achieve by joining The Exiles: i work to defend Azeroth from various evils and dangers, no matter what the work may involve. it sems the Exiles have a similar purpose, so i would like to try working with you, see how we get along

How do you feel about Genocide: a neccessary evil

Are you a Demon Worshiper / Demon: i study demons, i do not worship them, and i am not a demon

Out of Character Information

Real Name: Oliver

Real Age: Kantyka

Real Sex: Male

Character Class: Warlock

Character Level: 70

Level of Spoken English (Understanding and Speaking): fluent, i'm english afterall

Level of Written English (Understanding and Speaking): fluent

Link to your Armory Page:

Please explain your choice of talents: at my gear level, i think that destro puts out the best dps, and it's simple to play, so i can concentrate on avoiding the fire/tentacle/falling rocks/tauren. happy to respec if you would prefer i use a different spec

Please list your previous guilds if any: Salty Tide Privateers, the Covenant, Andraste Cadifors and Frostmourne Keepers (only been in it like 1 week.. regretting it)

Please list your previous raid experience if any: kara, gruul and magtheridon cleared

Are there any members of the guild willing to sponsor you: i don't think so Sad

How long have you been playing THIS character: nearly 2 years

How often do you play: almost every day

What Add Ons do you use: omen threatmeter, recount, necrosis, titanbar, grid

Why are you joining the guild: Social (Casual) Member / Raid Member / Role play Focused
i want to join mainly for the raids, but i am also interested in RP

If your a DPS class what is your average effective DPS in a RAID environment: in a simple fight like magtheridon, with a shadowpriest, i can easily do 800dps. with another couple of destro locks and a boomkin, i can probably hit 950ish. although i have got a few new pieces of gear since my last 25 man raid

1040(ish) shadow damage, 204 hit rating, 16-18% crit, depending on which helm/trinkets i use Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Azmodyr - destro warlock   Sun Jul 06, 2008 4:29 pm

Very nice I like your application whisper me or Tarquin in game and well take it to the next step.
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Azmodyr - destro warlock
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