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 Unara - Restoration shaman

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PostSubject: Unara - Restoration shaman   Sat Dec 20, 2008 12:51 am

In Character

Character Name: Unara Yrouaa

Character Sex: Female

Character Age: N/A

Character Race: Draenei

What part of the world did you grow up in: Zangarmarsh, Draenor/Outlands

Do you have any family: My parents are dead but my grandmother and aunt are still alive, as is my twin sister. I am in a relationship at the moment, but my fiance has gone missing..

Who are you loyal to: People who I can trust, people who are fair and righteous

What are your religious views: I believe in the light but I keep it to myself

How do you feel about the Horde: I believe they have the same rights to be here as we do. I do not wish to harm them, unless they harm me or my friends.

What do you hope to achieve by joining The Exiles: New friends, adventures and challenges

How do you feel about Genocide: I strongly disapprove it

Are you a Demon Worshiper / Demon: no

Out of Character Information

Real Name: Mari

Real Age: more than 20, less than 30 silent

Real Sex: Female

Character Class: Restoration Shaman

Character Level: 80

Level of Spoken English: Good

Level of Written English: Good

Link to your Armory Page: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Scarshield+Legion&n=Unara Might be showing my pve gear, or my RP gear. I have a couple of unenchanted items which I plan to fix as soon as I get enough materials for them... AH prices are disturbingly high at the moment.

Please explain your choice of talents: Normal PVE resto build

Please list your previous guilds if any: Silverwing outrunners, whom I parted from a while ago due to IC and OOC reasons. You can contact me ingame for more information if needed.

Please list your previous raid experience if any: My main (horde shaman) has cleared all raid content in the game (except AQ40) as dps and healer. With Unara I have only done Obsidian sanctum and Vault of archavon with pick up groups, and then some parts of 10man Naxxramas with the Exiles.

Are there any members of the guild willing to sponsor you: Haladra atleast, and probably those who I have done heroics with (and that Naxxramas run).

How long have you been playing THIS character: Unara is around 1 year old now, but I've played the shaman class for around 4 years.

How often do you play: I usually come online around 15pm, and run some heroics, RP, play on my horde or level alts until I go to sleep. I play quite much.

What Add Ons do you use: Ventrilo, Omen, Bigwigs, Healbot, Totemtimers, Pitbull, FlagRSP2,......and a load of other useful and not so useful addons.

Why are you joining the guild: I am mostly interested in the PVE/RP part of the guild, and you guys seem to have a nice overall atmosphere, atleast that's what I've gathered from grouping up with you guys. I don't have high hopes on getting a raidspot, mostly just offering my help when you guys are short on healers and I happen to be online. At the moment I am free on tuesdays, fridays and saturdays atleast.
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Unara - Restoration shaman
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