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 Errasilae - Shadowpriest

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PostSubject: Errasilae - Shadowpriest   Wed Apr 01, 2009 5:24 pm

you need to provide us with the following information when applying for this guild, please fill in all the sections if you want us to take your application seriously.

In Character

Character Name: Errasilae

Character Sex: Female

Character Age: 80, though this may sound old, for a nightelf woman she's propably just gaining maturity.

Character Race: Night elf

What part of the world did you grow up in: I was born in Silverwind Refuge, my parents made a living out of selling cooking literature. Customers are rare nowadays and my family grew more poor with the years.
In my thirties, I left Ashenvale to live a good life in the city, Stormwind. Things however didnt work out as my parents would have liked.
Before I even arrived at Stormwind, I was captured by a gang of pirates. I had to choose between joining them and walking the plank. I joined and lived the low-life for several years until far in my 60's. Where I learned that I could do more with my strength than looting and drinking.

I have been with several raid guilds, keeping Stranglethorn Vale clear of the trolls, fighting angry elementals in Blackrock Mountain. I have fought Onyxia and eventually chopped off her head, made a ring out of her tooth and a bag from her skin.

I traveled to Outland where my raiding experience was required, I became leader of a band of thugs to continue fighting evil from our lands. Years of battle have passed and I grew tired, I couldnt find the time nor the energy to lead anymore.

Until my eighties, I have been fighting evil in a new place, Northrend. Casually and on my own, finding peace and rest. However I would still like to cleanse this world of the evil threatening it, so I am looking for new allies...

Do you have any family: Charmeine, my sister. Shandrina my mom, she still sells cookbooks in Ashenvale. And ofcourse Maggy, my pirate friend.

Who are you loyal to: I'm a good friend of the Furbolg, their natural environment is close to my old home and threatenend by the Horde and some green substance. I have been looking for the source of this corruption in my raiding times, I have reason to believe the source lies in Naxxramas.

What are your religious views: I religiously slay every horde on my path

How do you feel about the Horde: The horde is deforesting Ashenvale and will never stop, the only thing i can do is thin their numbers.

What do you hope to achieve by joining The Exiles: I want to continue raiding in a peaceful manner, no longer every day yet still doing weekly business.

How do you feel about Genocide: If that's what it takes...

Are you a Demon Worshiper / Demon: No, my shadowfiend happens to be a demon, but we dont have any feelings for each other.

Out of Character Information

Real Name: Timmie

Real Age: 26

Real Sex: Male

Character Class: Priest, Warrior

Character Level: 80, 80

Level of Spoken English (Understanding and Speaking): Basic

Level of Written English (Understanding and Speaking): Basic

Link to your Armory Page:
Errasilae @ Scarshield Legion
Timmie @ Scarshield Legion
and my horde drood: Loor @ magtheridon

Please explain your choice of talents:
I'll explain the key talents:
0/3 in threat reduction: Decent tanks can hold aggro without these talents with my current gear. Things might change in Ulduar though. On aoe pulls i might have to hold back some times, but it frees up talents for other useful talents
2/2 improved shadowform: the reduced pushback comes in handy every now and then when there's raid dmg incoming
2/2 improved vamp embrace: I dont use vampiric embrace often, in certain situations with a lot of raid dmg it comes in handy.

Please list your previous guilds if any:
Frostbeard Clan
The Pirates who say Yarrr
Unfinished Sympathy

Please list your previous raid experience if any:
as raidleader:
60's: Zul'gurub, Ubrs
70's: Gruul, Magteridon, SSC (5/6), TK (3/4), mh (2/5), zul'aman +4 chests
80's: OS10 +1
as raidmember:
60's: molten core (except ragnaros), onyxia's lair
70's: cleared ssc/tk/ mh and bt before the nerf. sunwell only trash (lol) BT with maggy's warlock
80's: Everything except sarth3d. Done it all as tree/boomkin/shadowpriest/holypriest/TG-warrior/prot warrior

Are there any members of the guild willing to sponsor you: Hm, i know brollie, hiddenshadow, mythos, pilas, hasdor and propably many who rerolled dk =p

How long have you been playing THIS character:
timmie 141 days 22 hours
errasilae 76 days 6 hours

How often do you play:
I'm in a weird situation, i'm currently unemployed and about to move homes.
When i am moved and have a job my play times will be propably 18:00-24:00 on a daily basis.
At the moment my playtime is 07:00-19:00. Cause at 19:00 maggy comes home and we have dinner, do something and go to bed at 21:00.
However if we have raids planned, me and maggy intent to play together and stay up for the duration of the raid. We move at May 1st.

What Add Ons do you use:
I used to use plenty of stuff, but i tend to switch everything off to keep my pc clear.

Just use recount and decursive nowadays. The build-in ui pwns ct-raid cause ct raid is very buggy. Would love to use grid for (druid)healing but my pc doesnt handle that.

Why are you joining the guild: Social (Casual) Member / Raid Member / Role play Focused
I am applying for a regular raid spot

If your a DPS class what is your average effective DPS in a RAID environment:
Depends if i have a boomkin/elemental shaman/curse of elements/focus magic/+1 hitaura from shaman. But i try to pull as much out of myself and my gear as fysically possible.
I reached 4k the other day in VOA25, unbuffed it'll be 3k+[url][/url]
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PostSubject: Re: Errasilae - Shadowpriest   Wed Apr 01, 2009 6:47 pm

woot shadow priest and timmie is a funny man no idea about his mad skillz though, definately worth trialing i would say unless people have a reason to not what him in ?

Unless the ex-veddettas (grim / alex) have something they want to say about Timmie I would say well try and sort out a raid with you for this reset, though I think the Naxx run tomorrow is already full.
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PostSubject: Re: Errasilae - Shadowpriest   Wed Apr 01, 2009 9:20 pm

timmie is a gr8 person gr8 skillz always trying to beat me on meters dose in 5man tho _
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PostSubject: Re: Errasilae - Shadowpriest   Thu Apr 02, 2009 1:37 am

YAY a sp!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Errasilae - Shadowpriest   Thu Apr 02, 2009 10:28 am

Mags wrote:
YAY a sp!!!

Who are you and why are you using my second nickname! its confusing! xD

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PostSubject: Re: Errasilae - Shadowpriest   Thu Apr 02, 2009 12:57 pm

I'm Magdushka and they call me Mags. Sorry but in this guild its MY nickname Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Errasilae - Shadowpriest   Thu Apr 02, 2009 1:01 pm

hi magdushka ^^

And thats fine, i'm happy with maggy Smile

its just that we dont wanna get confusion because timmie/errasilae usually refers to me as mags, so if there is any chaos about that, we know where it comes from ^^ lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Errasilae - Shadowpriest   Thu Apr 02, 2009 5:17 pm

People are usually called according to their character name so we will see Smile Meh but Im kinda scared that it will be confusing Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Errasilae - Shadowpriest   Fri Apr 03, 2009 3:00 pm

Grats Erras sweetie on getting in Smile

I hope i can make it to the trial-raid tuesday, but before that i would love to do some other stuff as well! Maybe it is an idea to do some heroics during the weekend?

And ofcourse i want to apologize that i couldn't make it yesterday. As Errasilae explained, I got stuck in the train for about 3 hours. instead of 19.00hr. I got home at 21.30. Bummer. Crying or Very sad
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PostSubject: Re: Errasilae - Shadowpriest   

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Errasilae - Shadowpriest
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